Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Come on Spring!

Will Winter ever end?
The sprinkling of warm days tease us.  The tips of the tulip leaves quietly breaking through the earth fills us with hope.....and then here comes another snow storm.  We watch the ice break and float away only to awaken to new ice blocks formed overnight.  Up and down our spirits go as we hope this will be the week that Spring firmly plants her foot and is here to stay.

Nothing slows us down at the Bakery.  We began baking and icing our Lemon Raspberry Delight Cakes the first of April.  They join our other Spring cake, the Coconut Lemon Delight Cake, to round
out some of our favorite flavors at this time of the year.
As the girls carefully stir our lemon curd in preparation to make these Seasonal Cakes the air is filled with such a delightful smell.  Spring has definitely sprung inside the Bakery.

In Annapolis everyone is thrilled with the new cookies, meringues, scones and brownies we are beginning to offer there.  Our new bakery cases have made such a difference to the front of our shop.  How did we ever do without them?

We have many exciting things happening in the next two months.
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Come on Spring!  I am ready to ride my bike.

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